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Part 1 : https://youtu.be/BmJoD-ln9Cs

Part 2:https://youtu.be/YoaqnkWCG5o

Part 3: https://youtu.be/UuECmaQagAQ

This project code is given at bottom.

Here given all video is arduino base , arduino tutorial.

1) Innovation auto Earthquake Damper or Auto Balancer
: https://youtu.be/MoU7tUv8K3E

2)Industrial Robotics Arm : https://youtu.be/-UT37xsHMQw

3) Control RGB LED Lights using Mobile. : https://youtu.be/NnTz4Ln1UwM

4) Best line follower robot : https://youtu.be/d8MoX0xcQnk

5)How to make 4x4x4 Led cube :https://youtu.be/2EAo8PU7SCU

6) All introduction of fly sky transmission :https://youtu.be/lBKxnXYZbQc

7) 4 Wheel drive Obstacles avoid with motor shield :https://youtu.be/EVRgycQAG4s

8) Potentiometer Control servo motor , arm : https://youtu.be/R2yRbfm8uAE

9) Amazing self balancer Robo :https://youtu.be/JAdz1JszsAw

10) Home made Aeroplane : https://youtu.be/_oM29wq8CKI

11)Home made Dc Power Supply : https://youtu.be/FCIoa1MsrJk

12) light follower robot :https://youtu.be/0QXK6-7luX8

13) obstacles Avoided robot : https://youtu.be/RhiLSV-bs-8

14)Arduino Tutorial :https://youtu.be/KYllfX3J4iw

15) Auto Sun tracker : https://youtu.be/c3GaYK4J1V4

16)smart car : https://youtu.be/b8wEa_fz3_k

17) Dancing lights : https://youtu.be/QHdvKOyATrI

18 ) innovation ,Auto Braking ,Auto Acceleration System : https://youtu.be/GcGJRynJqwk

19)Home made All in one camera slider : https://youtu.be/nLPy8eKTQNQ

20) Voice Controlled car : https://youtu.be/M6Xh6BEsDPg

21) home made Water fall : https://youtu.be/X1D1GWh6Mbk

22) auto measuring robot :https://youtu.be/YR1HxHbLpEo

23) Arduino with fly sky transmission Tank : https://youtu.be/q37Gwse1kbs

24) Bluetooth control smart car : https://youtu.be/GU3S-BCDBxo

25) Without Controlled Line Follower Robot : https://youtu.be/VDE7ZeMDArM

26) Bluetooth control smart car : https://youtu.be/IDD065o10js

27) Wall E , smart robo : https://youtu.be/vEXIQ5Xo3vA

28 )Best obstacles avoid robots :https://youtu.be/B6NOwi_wZ-4

29 ) Home made Rc Speed air boat : https://youtu.be/c3ENSs-00dU

30) hot Robo war :https://youtu.be/-7nrSU-sf6w

31) how to repair lipo battery at home : https://youtu.be/fsgGcAr70sU

32) Robo Soccer , hot : https://youtu.be/4MLspbDDlp0

33) home made kem aeroplanes : https://youtu.be/9IhUbQ8Nco4

34)Best line follower with Code : https://youtu.be/R76TmZly13w

35) Self balancer Home made robot : https://youtu.be/JAdz1JszsAw

36)Auto Dry / Wet Garbage Separator with auto dustbin indicators : https://youtu.be/Q6CevS7ZUz4

37)Home made Police Light : https://youtu.be/tDzOsLyj5-g

38)gesture control home made car : https://youtu.be/4iDW2_Yhev0

39) Auto Automation security system : https://youtu.be/CpAbf7j2DAQ

40) How to make Tachometer at home : https://youtu.be/JrkxP6WKLYQ

41) Servo Motor walking robot :

42)auto water pump On, off with auto irrigation system :https://youtu.be/jN3DdVwhhkM

43)Diy auto boom barrier , door open close device: https://youtu.be/f_B6TMfqfho

44)Auto fire fighters system : https://youtu.be/8irdBJhrBYY

45)Android control car ,Iot project : https://youtu.be/_iuUWp80NKM

46)How to repair battery : https://youtu.be/btQBvU18KgI

47)Dji f450 home made Drone : https://youtu.be/BmJoD-ln9Cs

48) Arduino with joystick control robot : https://youtu.be/Q2P8dSGHJ9I

49)How to make Dji F450 Drone: https://youtu.be/YoaqnkWCG5o

50)wireless gesture control Smart Car :https://youtu.be/Fkuu35HXjRk

51) simple home made Aeroplane : https://youtu.be/r4egJD29xjA

52)upgrade fly sky 6 channel To 10 channel transmission :https://youtu.be/ZlTSqRJ1McU

Arduino Code : contact me on what’s up phone no iS given on my YouTube channel home page.

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