agromasters – Rotary Milking parlor (sheep & goats) – Platform testing –

The Rotary milking parlours (internal milking) are recommended for large sheep or goats dairy farms . Agromasters designs and manufactures for more than 18 years, advanced rotary platforms and related technology

Animals are standing on a revolving platform, while are being milked . Goats are entering the parlour through a ramp and after taking their positions, milking process begins internally.

The platform is operating continuously at constant speed. Platform speed can be adjusted according to lactation period of the animals. Platform speed , automatic feeding system are controlled via a central electrical panel.

The heavy constructed rotary is escorted with individual stalling & feeding, hot galvanized ramp and Silo. The Automatic Feeding System is designed to deliver predefined feed ratio for each animal. The Floor of the platform is anti-slippery & provides safe environment .

All parts of the assembly are exclusively from stainless steel & constructed from material that withstand tough working conditions.

Rotary is optionally escorted with agromasters ACR system or Complete herd management system for sheep and goats


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