ARATEC Positioning Solution System – Powerful Modernization for Stacker Cranes

PSI Technics’ ARATEC Positioning Solution System is an innovative solution for industrial positioning applications. In fully automated high-bay warehouses, for example, ARATEC instructs stacker cranes to move to the storage position’s target coordinates to ensure that all storage and retrieval operations are carried out with high accuracy in the shortest amount of time. In addition, wear and tear can be reduced to a minimum due to an almost 100% compensation of mast oscillations.

Advantages of the ARATEC:

– Easy and fast conversion
– Highly efficient performance
– Significant increase of system lifetime
– Throughput optimization
– Cycle time reduction of up to 33 %
– Reduction of process costs
– Low-maintenance technology
– Future-proof due to industry 4.0 interfaces
– Applicable for every type of AS/RS


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