Arduino EC, PH, Temperature and water level control, with TFT touch display and WiFi and more

Sorry for the late upload i had trouble editing the video as my phone was unable to record the entire video in one file so i had to stitch the videos together and you tube has removed most of there editing features.

I shall add the wiring diagrams and links to the tutorials tomorrow for the sensors and doers, so please stay tuned. for more details.

Please not that i just bought what i thought was best the best components at the time and to date there is cheaper EC sensors from the likes of DF Robot, as i am now no longer seeing the EC sensor i currently use for sale from the original suppliers site, it seems they may be out of business.

The parts used are:……………………………………

Capacitor radial MCLC SR21 220nF 50V x6
Transistor GP BJT NPN 40V 0.2A TO92-3 x6
Rectifier Diode 1A 50V 1.1Vf 30uA DO-41 x4
MOSFET N-Channel 60V 55A TO220 x4
3-Terminal Positive Reg LM340AT-5.0 x3
and 6 resistors at 220 for the leds and mosfets , and 4 10k resistors also for the mosfets.


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