Arduino Esp8266 Grow Environment Controller V8.0 (Progress Update)

Arduino Esp Grow Environment / Green House Controller

Light Timer Controller,Dual Time Setting,Gas Lantern Routine
Temperature,Humidity,Water Level,Soil Sensors,Multiple Pumps and Timeout setting

Monitoring and Settings Change from touch screen/browser app

Arduino to Arduino/Esp Bi-Directional Serial Communication with verification

ESP WebPage Html,Css,Grids,Forms
JavaScript.AJAX,JSON,form verification

Using WebServer Library for esp

This video is just to give you an Update about the current version of the Grow Environment Controller, which I’m working on and it’s not complete yet.

** In the Video the Water level is 99% but the sensor is dry, that is because I am testing the Water Control part of the Code and for it to work there must be water in the reservoir So I inverted the Logic for Reading Water Level Sensor in Arduino Nano Code to simulate a Full Tank **

For Sketch/Code, more Updates and Different projects

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