Combined and Small to large scale auto rice mill plant supplier, Model Mx8T20

Complete most modern Combined, small to large scale auto Rice Mill. Machine Functions of Automatic Complete Rice Milling Plant: 1. Elevating rice automatically 2. Screening and removing the impurities such as stone and dust 3. Husking 4. Separating clean rice from mixer of rough grain, blight grain and brown rice 5. Polishing rice, etc. It is an ideal cereal processing machine for both of medium and small factories. Technological Process of complete rice milling plant: raw material→cleaning→destoner→husking→whitening→cooling→polishing→grading→color sorting→blending→ packaging. Automatic Complete Rice Milling Plant features: 1. with removing stone/dust functions 2. the broken rate is lower in processing and chaff can be removed cleanly 3. parts and components are durable with less maintenance. 4. advanced international standard 5. high yielding and more benefits.
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