Development of an Experimental Strawberry Harvesting Robotic System

Development of a strawberry harvesting robotic system in lab conditions.
Robotics Group-University of Patras, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics.
Abstract: This paper presents the development of an integrated strawberry harvesting robotic system tested in lab conditions in order to contribute to the automation of strawberry harvesting. The developed system consists of three main subsystems; the vision system, the manipulator and the gripper. The procedure for the strawberry identification and localization based on vision is presented in detail. The performance of the robotic system is assessed by the results of experiments that take place in the lab and they are related to the recognition of occluded strawberries, the check of the strawberries for possible bruises after the grasping and the accuracy of detection of the strawberries’ location. The results show that the developed vision algorithm recognizes correctly every single strawberry and has high accuracy in recognizing occluded strawberries in which the largest part of each of them is visible. A small localization error results in a correct grasp and cut without causing damage to the fruit.


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