Free Bitcoin Earning Site Double Your Bitcoin Live 15$ Deposit Full Review in Urdu Hindi Free Bitcoin Earning Site Double Your Bitcoin Live 15$ Deposit Full Review in Urdu Hindi
Hi everyone Todoay i tell You About Free earning site #doubly in which site you can earn #bitcoin for #free and other cryptocurrency in this video i Give You Full Review About Hope u like it. #2019
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What is
Doubly is an advanced system and successful company in the exciting world of trading crypto currencies. Doubly is using automated and self-learning trading program and aims at bringing high profits, passively and within the shortest possible time. By using our AI, you can take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from hundreds of profitable trading decisions in matters of seconds. The entire process is managed by a team of professional and experienced traders, this way eliminating the possibility of wrong decision
How To Start With Doubly?
Starting with Doubly is as easy as one-two-three! reason why we’ve created this practical video on our YouTube channel, you can view it here. If additional questions arise, please use our contact form and we will be happy to get back to you within minutes!
What is The Minimum Deposit And Withdrawal Amounts
Currently, the minimum deposit is as low as 0.004 BTC/ 0.6 LTC/ 0.16 ETH/ 0.16 DASH/ 0.12 BCH. Each withdraw will be processed automatically in each 24 hour-period, from the time you’ve created the deposit. The total amount of deposits is unlimited as well as the maximum deposit value. Our current minimum withdraw limit is 0.002 BTC/ 0.3 LTC/ 0.08 ETH/ 0.08 DASH/ 0.06 BCH.
How Profit Get Generated ?
The Doubly Artificial Intelligence crypto trading bot is connected to tens of the most popular exchanges out there and it is closely supervised by our experts who control every single step, in order to make sure the profits are optimized properly.
Does Doubly have a Partner Program?
Yes, it does! We would be pleased to have you as our partner and join our exciting referral program, which brings you a 15% commission after every single deposit your referral makes; the percentage is paid on a daily basis until the 15% target is reached (5% instantly and 0.5%, daily paid for 20 consecutive days). The more users you refer, the more profit you gain – it is as pure and simple as that.
Do You make Payouts on The Weekend?
We process payouts from Monday to Friday. All returns no matter which package you have chosen are 0.5% during the week-end.
Which Advertising Material Do You Have?
We offer advertising materials for our partners like ad banners and videos; feel completely free to use our advertising material. We also encourage creativity, so if you feel that you have an idea that could attract more referrals, then why not shoot videos about our company, advertise on appropriate banners, create a page or anything else. We like creative surprises!
When Will My Deposit Show on Home Page?
Your deposit will appear as quickly as the Blockchain network confirms receiving your deposit. Immediately after, you will be able to see under the “Last Transactions” History window, under the “My Investments” tab. You can also use your personal link or paste your wallet address in the search field to track your deposit.
I lost my Personal Link Where Can i Find my Payment?
Nothing to worry about. It happens all the time! Just add your transaction ID inside the “Your Last Transactions” text field and simply click on ‘Search’. Immediately after, your complete payment History will be retrieved and shown.
Can We Make Multiple Accounts?
No, you are not! Having multiple accounts under one holder or more holders in one household is a strict disregard against the terms and conditions! We use several security features to fetch multiple accounts.
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