Getting Started With Mainflux Open Source IoT Platform

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This video will show you how to quickly get started with Mainflux open source IoT platform current v0.6.0. Examples of the http and mqtt communication bridge will be presented.

After downloading the Mainflux IoT platform from its Github repo, execution of the make run command will start Docker Compose.
Docker Compose will pull Mainflux images from the Docker hub and start the Mainflux instance.

Mainflux CLI will be used for the creation of users, things, channels, and for connecting things to channels, as well.

Mainflux internally uses NATS messaging. It exposes series of adapters to which publishers and consumers can connect to.
These adapters are:

Examples of the http and mqtt communication will be presented.
The machine being used is Ubuntu 18.10 with Docker and Docker Compose installed on it. Additionally, for the demonstration purposes, mosquitto clients are also installed.

Mainflux is highly performant and secure open-source, free IoT platform with the complete full-scale capabilities for development of the Internet of Things solutions, IoT applications and smart connected products.

Built as a set of microservices containerized by Docker and orchestrated with Kubernetes, Mainflux IoT platform serves as a software infrastructure and middleware which can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, and on the edge including RPi class devices.

Mainflux is a member of Linux Foundation EdgeX Foundry project and featured in O’Reilly publication “Scalable Architecture for the Internet of Things”, authored by Mainflux team.

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Mainflux documentation -
Linux Foundation Edgex Foundry spotlight –

O’Reilly Media free publication -


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