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The machine is an automatic packing machine for premade bags. It can meet the equirment which needs different specificationd,big volume but small capacity. It can not only pack 3-side or 4-side sealed bag,but even also bags with hanging hole,standing,pouches and shaped bags etc.It is applicate of powder,granule,liquid,paste and blocks etc by using different measuring devices. It is convenient to switch the bag type.

Function and Characteristics :
1. Easy to operate, adopt advanced PLC from Germany Siemens, mate with touch screen and electric control system, the man-machine interface is friendly.
2. Automatic checking function: no pouch or pouch open error, no fill, no seal. The bag can be used again, avoid wasting packing materials and raw materials.
3. Safety device: machine stop at abnormal air pressure, heater disconnection alarm.
4. The machine is easy to clean, easy maintenance.
5. The part where touch to the material is made of stainless steel

A. Powder Packing Solution
Servo Screw Auger Filler is specialized for powder filling such as nutrients powder, seasoning powder, flour, medicinal powder etc.
B. Liquid Packing Solution
Piston Pump Filler is specialized for liquid filling such as water, juice, laundry detergent, ketchup etc.
C. Solid Packing Solution
Combination multi-head weigher is specialized for solid filling such as candy, nuts, pasta, dried fruit and vegetable etc.
D. Granule Packing Solution
Volumetric Cup Filler is specialized for granule filling such as chemical, beans, salt, seasonings etc.

Working Process
1. Pouch picking unit 2. Coding date
3. Pouch opening 4. Air flushing
5. Filling 6. Auxiliary pouch stretching
7. Heat seal 8. Finishing shape
9. Outlet


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