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We are all aware of the evils caused by over usage of chemical fertiliser and pesticides. Our lands have become barren, the yield has constantly dipped and above all these chemicals do not come cheap. The escalating cost of these chemical fertilizers has made it increasingly difficult for farmers to sustain. These chemical fertilizers and pesticides pollute our ecosystem and are also adversely affecting the human health.

We all need to join hands to stop this and embrace ‘Organic Farming’. However, Organic Farming brings its challenges. For doing the farming Organic way one needs to keep feeding the crops with Organic Manures like Jeevamrut, Spraying Organic pesticides etc. which requires huge labour and hence high cost and time.
Challenges to Feed Jeevamrut to the Farm

• Preparing Jeevamrut in bulk is a challenge in itself
• Bigger challenge is to ensure it reaches each plant on the farm
• The labour required to prepare and feed the Jeevamrut to the entire farm is huge
• Also, it is difficult to consistently feed it ones in a week
• As these liquids have strong odour, finding labour to work is also difficult
• Lastly, the labour cost for all this is very high.

Pruhivraj Filter offers to overcome all these challenges. It enables to filter the Jeevamrut to a crystal clear solution without altering its ingredients. Because of this, it is easily possible to simply mix the clear water like Jeevamrut to the existing Drip irrigation systems on the farms. This way the farmers can use one filter for automation of Fertilizer Management of up to 20 acres farmland.
Because of the automation one labour can easily feed Jeevamrut to the entire farm on a daily basis. This saves cost of up to 5-6 labour per month for a 20 acre farm.
• It’s now possible to feed Jeevamrut directly through Drip irrigation
• Huge cost saving on labour due to automation of Organic Fertilizer management
• Possible to control the quantity, quality& timing of the Jeevamrut to each plant on the farm
• Helps improve the soil quality making it more and porous and making suitable environment for earthworms
• Water holding capacity for the soil increases as the soil becomes more porous. Saves water and electricity
• Helps to grow fully ‘Organic’ crop which gets higher rates in the market
• 100% saving possible by stopping the usage of chemical fertilizers and yet increasing the yield.

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